Question:  When is book two in the L.I.A. series going to be released?

                     I'm looking to release book two in the series in late 2016.  I don't have the exact date yet.  I will post the date on this website as soon as it is released, so check back in!  

Question: Are you on social media?

                     Yes!  I have Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.  The links to all three are on my "Contact" page on this website.  I love my followers, so I'd love for you to find me on them.

Frequently Asked Questions

We're excited to receive questions from you regarding L.I.A., and R.S. Reed!  We will be updating this page with frequently asked questions as they come to us!  Please check back in from time to time, because we'll be adding questions as they come up.  And, if you have a burning question for R.S. Reed, shoot her an e-mail on our contact page, and she'll get back to you!