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​    Sometimes your journey in life isn't up to you...

Katie Lauren would rather do just about anything than be shuffled off to boarding school for her eleventh grade year, but that's exactly where she finds herself.  It's her worst nightmare come true.

Softening the crushing blow of leaving her hometown behind to attend Dunn's Preparatory Academy in Tennessee, is the fact that Katie's best friend, Nikki, will be going too.  When they discover the most gorgeous boy to ever step foot in their town, John will be attending the remote boarding school as well, junior year is looking up.

Katie's world is turned upside down when a simple plane ride to her new school turns out to be not so simple.  Uncovering deeply guarded secrets that her family didn't want her to know, and being out on her own for the first time, leaves Katie wondering, when your whole world changes, who will be there to hold you up?

Her friendship with John is becoming complicated, and her relationship with Nikki is changing.  Soon, events in her unfamiliar life lead Katie to believe that they are all in some real danger, and she may be the only one who can stop it.  Now that fate has intervened, will love be the only thing to save her?

  Katie's never thought of herself as fearless.  Just a normal girl, from a normal town.   Life has other plans though, and now that she has someone, and something, worth  

  fighting for, she'll need to be braver than she ever knew she could be.