R.S. Reed never thought of herself as a writer, but has always loved telling stories, and turned that hobby in to her passion.  Residing from Florida, but now living in Arizona has given her the opportunity to know and love both sides of the coast, and lots of experiences to add in to her stories as her characters go trotting all over this great country of ours, and the world! 

As a wife, and mother of two kids, if she’s not writing, you can usually find her stalking her kids somewhere.  Other than spending time with her family, she loves the beach, and uses her free time to plot and plan schemes to get her family closer to it. 

The idea for L.I.A. came about after her daughter was born, and she’s been writing about these characters and their many adventures ever since.  Look for those stories to be released in the future books in this series!

          Thanks for the support, and the love! 

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